6 thoughts on “Yeh Jo Chilman Hai Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

  1. I am blushing with delight at all of this. I hardly know how to react to all of these winks but to thank you and thank you again. Kishore and Rajesh were perfect for each other. And thanks also for the scandal behind the scenes, maybe that’s what Rajesh was winking at!

  2. going back to anand-and its casting.heishida was known for good stories and good actors to complement that. and, had he stuck with the original decision of mehmood and kishore for anand, what would have been the result? due reapect to the deceased duo, but would anand have been a cult movie? would the “cancerous” words carcinoma been associated with anand? luckily, fate intervened, and teh rst is history……..what we have in anand, is a cinematic classic that will be remembered for decades to come —————-one of bollywood’s finest “must see before you die” movies

  3. It so happens that nowadays I spend most of my spare time in your website. Quite rich in resources as far as the old hindi film songs are concerned. And how satisfied I become after spending the time!

    Well, this song after knowing the meaning of the lyrics (I am a south indian and I learnt hindi in a hard way) is now my current favourite and I watch this song’s video at least 5 times in a day…still dil bhara nahin!.

    By the way, the winking lady killer has another heart-warming song in “oh mere dil ke chain”. Though the count of winks may be less comparatively, he makes most of it with other actions and expression. And that beauty Tanuja (?), stunningly beautiful and her face shows all the love that one wants to have! Boy, I wonder how your blog miss this song. I love to see the song with the lyrics & meaning in hand …yeah, that is what I do now. Take the print of your lyrics/translation and watch the song in TV or laptop or mobile. Great experience, dear Mr. & Mrs. You do a great service, keep it going.
    Mohandas, Chennai

    • Hi Mohandas,

      Thank you for the kind comments! We are so happy that you’ve enjoyed the blog and have learned more about the Hindi-Urdu language that we love so much. Couldn’t agree more that “O Mere Dil Ke Chain” is one of the best Rajesh Khanna songs out there–just for you, we’ll add it to our requests list! I can never get enough of Tanuja’s mountainous hair-do and the epic dolly ins and dolly outs of that song. Stay tuned!

      Mrs. 55

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