Guru Dutt in Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam

Guru Dutt explores the decaying mansion of his youth in Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962)

Have a classic Bollywood song you’d like translated? Wish you could learn more about an obscure Hindi film from the last century? Use the request form below or email Mr. & Mrs. 55 at and we’ll try to follow up on your request!

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16 thoughts on “Requests

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  4. Dear Mr & Mrs 55
    Many Hindi film Villains have their own “signature” vile laughs.
    Did Pran ever resort to such sinister vile laughter to establish/prove his villainy ?
    I believe he has portrayed villainous characters with a certain style & intensity, consistently & convincingly, that remains almost unparalleled.

    I don’t think parents of even the new generation parents still dare to name their sons ‘Pran’ because of the connotations. Pity. It is a nice name that actually means ‘life’ !

    It’s a tribute to his versatility as an actor that he portrayed the later character roles, most of them more positive even if grey, so perfectly too.

    Appreciate your interest.

  5. i like the songs and the translation, i can say i am learning pure Hindi by your translations, let me thank you for that. i need a translation for these songs form the picture BAZAR (1982 by Sagar sarhadi). i like the songs 1. Karoge Yaad To Har Baat, 2. Dikhayee Diye Yun, 3. Phir Chiddi Raat(i like the lady – supriya in this song:). will you pls translate it for me…. pls .. pls

  6. Dear MrandMrs55,

    You have made use of youtube for the songs contained in your truly lovely unique musical website. Could you also provide the option of dailymotion as well for this purpose which will help those who are not able to access youtube in their region / country for whatever reason. Kindly consider this suggestion if possible easily.

    Heartiest congratulations for providing immense joy to music and movie lovers like me particularly that which belongs to the greatest era of Indian cinema—the golden era ranging perhaps from the 30’s to the 70’s if I am not mistaken.

  7. dear mr& mrs 55,
    we are grateful to u for ur fantastic job of giving translations to evergreen old songs. i am a tamilianand a fanatic lover of old hindi songs.but i couldnot understand the much urdu strewn hindisongs. only after seeing ur blog i could really understand and enjoy the rare songs which i hitherto liked for lilting music part of it. i have recently requested for the translation of a song –tu chanda main chandni–in movie –reshma aur shrera–. kindly oblige me. accept my thanks in advance.

  8. Hi Mr. and Mrs. 55,

    I am a huge fan of your posts because I love old Hindi songs as well as learning Hindi! Could you please translate Hum Ne Dekhi Hain Un Aakhon ki Mehkthi Khushboo from Khamoshi? Thank you so much! ๐Ÿ˜Š๐Ÿ˜•

  9. Would you mind translating the song Jaane Kyon Log Mohabbat Kiya Karte Hain from the movie “Mehboob Ki Mehndi?” Thank you!

  10. Hi guys,
    I’m a fellow fan of the classics (songs, movies, everything) and I live in Brookline, MA. I do also own a good collection of Old Hindi films LP records which I continue to expand each time I visit India.
    If you guys have a meetup group or would like to just hang out and talk about classic Hindi cinema, I’d love to join.

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