Hindi Song Translations

Meena Kumari as the tragic Chhoti Bahu in Sahib Bibi Aur Ghulam (1962)

Old Bollywood Song Translations: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

Find full English translations to all your favorite Hindi song lyrics from classic Bollywood films here. Mr. and Mrs. 55 provide line-by-line lyrics translations and a complete Urdu-Hindi glossary to accompany each song. Don’t see your favorite song on our list yet? Then, be sure to visit our Requests page to submit a song translation request!

Alphabetical By Name

Alphabetical By Film

Waheeda Rehman plays a tormented actress in Kaagaz Ke Phool (1957)


11 thoughts on “Hindi Song Translations

  1. person like me foreign born Indian with self taught Hindi and struggling to understand meaning of the lyrics your site is a gift from haven. Please continue to provider translation – greatly appreciated .thanks.

  2. i mean you guys have no clue my ecstaticity[i hope that’s a word coz that’s how I feel now] when I found this website.
    thanx for the good work

  3. What a site! Its a life saver! Your gift is going to help me save innumerable hours of labor in my search for urdu and hindhi meanings. Thanks! My entire sunday evening was glued to your site.

  4. Many thanks for your availability.
    The glossary after each song is much appreciate.
    Warmest greetings from Senegal/West Africa..

  5. I have been looking for translation of Hindi songs to understand them better. You are doing excellent service.

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