Neele Gagan Ke Tale Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

Neele Gagan Ke Tale 2

Rajkumar gets romantic with his co-star Vimi in “Neele Gagan Ke Tale” from Humraaz (1967)

Next we showcase the lovely lyrics and English translation of “Neele Gagan Ke Tale” from Humraaz (1967). Set against a peaceful blue sky, Rajkumar and Vimi express their young love for each other as the voice of Mahendra Kapoor floats above. Because of this, the song carries a timeless quality marked by omniscience, as if everything we see is approved by Heaven. Whether a gentle horseback ride or riverside rendez-vous, “Neele Gagan Ke Tale” focuses just as much attention on the protagonists as it does on the wonder of nature. With an opening number as famously idyllic as this, Humraaz effectively lulls the viewer into a false sense of security. A highly underrated mystery thriller, the film shifts gears radically, filled with exciting turns and unexpected cameos until the shocking, but artistically very satisfying end. But that Elysian paradise of “Neele Gagan Ke Tale” where lovers dream and Earth is in bloom will continue to live on forever.

Rajkumar Vimi Neele Gagan ke Tale Humraaz 1967

Mahendra Kapoor’s  “Neele Gagan Ke Tale” is appropriately filmed against a beautiful deep blue sky.

Humraaz is also a rare showcase of Mahendra Kapoor’s talent as a singer. Music director Ravi is often credited as making Kapoor’s career with opportunities and expressiveness that other music directors famously denied him. A devoted Mohammed Rafi disciple, Mahendra Kapoor was often brushed aside by music directors like O.P. Nayyar, who unfairly referred to Kapoor as “besuraa” or “tuneless” in comparison! Ravi, however, believed in Kapoor’s unique talent and freely demonstrated his ability with Sahir Ludhianvi lyrics from the tragic “Chalo Ek Baar Phir Se” to the romantic “Kisi Patthar Ki Murat Se” also from Humraaz. The evergreen hit “Neele Gagan Ke Tale” won Kapoor the filmfare award for Best Playback Singer in 1967! And indeed, one listen of Kapoor’s resonant, tender vocals in this sweet ballad will quickly quell any dissent (which, coming from myself, a fight-to-the-death Rafi groupie, says a lot)! Paired with the blissfully romantic landscapes of India’s beloved tea estates in Darjeeling, the song is truly one of the most gorgeous classic Bollywood has to offer.

Rajkumar Vimi darjeeling Humraaz

Rajkumar and Vimi enjoy the peaceful Darjeeling landscapes in Humraaz (1967).

We hope you enjoy the full lyrics and English translation of “Neele Gagan Ke Tale” below. Follow along with the video and let us know how much you love the escapist fantasy of it all in the comments!

Neele Gagan Ke Tale Lyrics and Translation:

Hey neele gagan ke tale
Beneath the blue sky
Dhartii ka pyaar phale
The love of earth blossoms
Aise hii jag mei.N aate hai.N subahe.N
In this place the morning arrives
Aise hii shaam Dhale
In this place the evening falls
Hey neele gagan ke tale
Beneath the blue sky
Dhartii ke pyaar phale
The love of earth blossoms

Shabnam kii motii phoolo.N pe bhikre
The pearls of morning dew spread upon the flowers
Dono.N kii aas phale
And both of their desires flourish
Hey neele gagan ke tale
Beneath the blue sky
Dhartii ke pyaar phale
The love of earth blossoms

Bhalkaatii bele.N mastii mei.N khele
The sprawling branches play joyfully
PeDo.N se milke gale
And meet the embrace of the trees
Hey neele gagan ke tale
Beneath the blue sky
Dhartii ke pyaar phale
The love of earth blossoms

Nadiyaa kaa paanii dariyaa se milke
The water of the stream meets the river
Saagar kii or chale
And travels toward the ocean
Hey neele gagan ke tale
Beneath the blue sky
Dhartii ke pyaar phale
The love of earth blossoms


neelaa: blue; gagan: sky; tale: below; dhartii: earth; pyaar: love; phalna: to blossom; jag: place; subaah: morning; shaam: evening; Dhalnaa: to set, to diminish; shabnam: dew; motii: pearl; aas: desire; bhalkaatii: sprawling, winding; bel: branch; mastii: intoxication, joy; peD: tree; gale: embrace; nadiyaa: stream: paanii: river; dariyaa: river; saagar: ocean; or: toward, direction

Rajkumar Vimi Humraaz Neele gagan ke tale

Rajkumar is one heck of a handsome soldier as he bids a tender farewell to Vimi in Humraaz (1967).

Fun fact: “Neele Gagan Ke Tale” also makes our list of favorite “horse songs” found in Bollywood films because of its opening trot!

-Mrs. 55

21 thoughts on “Neele Gagan Ke Tale Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

  1. I love Mahendra Kapoor’s voice even more than Rafi’s and I wish he had been used more. I never tire of listening to his songs. They are so legendary and magical!

    • Wellllll…I don’t know if I’d go so far as to say he was better than Rafi per se haha! But I completely agree, I wish he had been used more because songs like these are magical indeed 🙂

    • I agree, that he was better than Rafi and company, and that OP Nayyar needs an ear cleaning. I also agree that his body of work was way too small.

  2. What a great post. I have been out of the loop for a while so this gave me the opportunity to read several months of your posts. What a treat- its like your favorite ice cream, you just want to have just one more spoon.
    This is a great song- one that I have sung with my family many times, much to their chagrin, since I am truly besura, as opposed to Mahendra Kapur who I agree was one of the best kept secrets in Bollywood (I would have said unsung hero, but then thought better of it:))
    Keep it up you two! This is the best thing since churned low fat vanilla ice cream in my life!

  3. This is a beautiful song. I don’t know many Mahendra Kapoor songs but his voice in this once is dazzling. I am intrigued to watch the movie now that you mentioned that it has an unexpected twist at the end.

    • Yes! Definitely watch the original film if you get a chance (not the trashy Saif Ali Khan remake)! The plot is surprisingly well-crafted and the film has a handful of great songs in addition to this one that are so worth the wait!

  4. An often under-used singer, the late Mahendraji was at his best when directed by RAVI. Maybe, credit should go to Yash (and BR) who famously got the crooner to sing for Sunil Dutt in “Gumrah” (Chalo Ek Baar), then again in “Hamraaz”————
    LP also took him for a Manoj film (Aur Nahi Bass) in “ROTI KAPDA AUR MAKAN”………………….
    and, who can forget “Meri Desh Ki Dharti” .from “UPKAR”

  5. Mehendra kapoor’s voice is diffeent than any other singer. He also sang great song with kalyanji aandji. Like mere desh ki dharti upkaar, he preet jaha ki reet sada purab aur paschim and many more .

  6. Old is gold. I really enjoyed the song.Mahendra Kapoor ji voice super.thanks for English translation.very clear and every one can understand &enjoy.

  7. My favorite song forever.
    Kids in Thailand almost 50 yrs ago knew this song. They could hum and sind the tune in tgeir own wording . Even today this song is still in their heart and memory. Also when turn this song on the new hearing, they like it very much.

  8. I think bele in (Bhalkaatii bele.N mastii mei.N khele) — means ‘vines’ not ‘branches’.. So, the idea would be that vines are hugging the trees..

    Also in “Dhartii ka pyaar phale”, I hear ‘pale’, not ‘phale’ . Pale => nurture perhaps.

  9. Coming to this post a few years on, but I just had to leave a big “thank you” for the excellent job you did on translation!

  10. Thank you for kindly providing the English translation to these beautiful lyrics. Good song with lovely imagery of mountains and nature.

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