Bahut Shukriya Badi Meherbani Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

Tall and handsome Joy Mukherjee serenades Sadhana with a harmonium in hand in Ek Musafir Ek Hasina (1962)

HAPPY THANKSGIVING! In the spirit of giving thanks today, we are presenting one of Hindi cinema’s most cherished expressions of gratitude: “bahut shukriyaa baDii maharbaanii” from Ek Musafir Ek Hasina (1962). Directed by Raj Khosla, this film presents Joy Mukherjee and Sadhana in their second film together after debuting in Love in Simla (1960).  Despite some plot loopholes  and scattered character development, this film is worth a watch for Sadhana’s sublime beauty, O.P Nayyar’s evergreen soundtrack, and the cinematic portrayal of Kashmir.  This movie must have done something right because it became the second-biggest hit at the box office in 1962!

Mohammed Rafi is at his playful best as he sings for Joy Mukherjee’s character, a wounded soldier who has fallen in love with Sadhana after being hit with classic Bollywood’s most popular disease: amnesia! Asha Bhonsle also makes her presence felt despite being given a single stanza to sing here.  Although the Lata-Rafi pairing was the golden standard at the time, the unique chemistry shared between Asha and Rafi in such duets as this one is undeniable. The true star here, however, is music director O.P. Nayyar. Despite his lack of formal musical training, O.P. Nayyar was gifted with a natural talent for composing memorable melodies that appealed to the masses. Here, he draws upon Kashmiri folk influences to craft a tune that has truly survived the test of time. Of special note in this song is the interplay of the harmonium and dholak, two instruments that were often passed over by many music directors for more robust alternatives (e.g. strings, tabla, etc). This orchestration  is  an integral part of the song and it has even been reflected in the picturization: Joy Mukherjee serenades with a harmonium strapped around his neck as Sadhana accompanies on the dholak.

Given the special occasion of Thanksgiving, we hope that the portrayal of thankful sincerity in this song will inspire you to go say dhanyavaad, shukriya, or thank you to the loved ones in your life. Before the food coma from dinner sets in, take a listen to this gem and follow along with the lyrics and our English translation below. Enjoy!


Who is wearing more make-up here? Joy or Sadhana? 🙂

Bahut Shukriya Badi Meherbani: Lyrics and Translation

bahut shukriyaa baDii maharbaanii
Many thanks for the great kindness you have shown
merii zindagii me.n, huzuur, aap aaye
by coming into my life, oh beloved. 
qadam chuum luu.n, yaa ki aa.nkhe.n bichha duu.n?
Shall I kiss your feet or wait in desperation?
karuu.n kyaa yah merii samaj me.n na aaye
I cannot understand what I should do.

karuu.n pesh tum ko nazaraana dil kaa
I shall offer you my heart as a gift
ki ban jaaye koii afsaanaa dil kaa
so that a tale of the heart is created.
khudaa jaane aisii suhaanii ghaDii phir
God knows that such a lovely moment
merii zindagi me.n palaT ke na aaye
may never return again in my life. 
bahut shukriya…
Many thanks... 

khushii to bahut hai, magar yah bhii gham hai
I am experiencing much happiness, but also some sorrow
ki yah saath apnaa qadam do qadam hai
because our companionship is limited to taking only a few steps together.
magar yah musaafir duaa maangtaa hai
Yet this traveler prays that
khudaa aap se phir kisii din milaaye
God may arrange for us to meet again one day 
bahut shukriya…
Many thanks…

mujhe Dar hai mujh me.n ghuruur aa na jaaye
I am afraid that I may become filled with pride.
laguu.n jhuumne me.n, suruur aa na jaaye
As I begin to dance, I fear that I may be overcome with exhilaration.
kahii.n dil na meraa yah taariif sun kar
I hope that, upon hearing your praises, my heart
tumhaaraa bane aur mujhe bhuul jaaye
does not become yours while forgetting me. 

bahut shukriyaa baDii maharbaanii
Many thanks for the kindness you have shown
merii zindagii me.n, huzuur, aap aaye
by coming into my life, oh beloved.

*Male lines in black are sung by Mohammed Rafi. Female lines in red are sung by Asha Bhonsle. 


shukriyaa: thanks; maharbaanii: kindness; huzuur: beloved; qadam: foot, step; chuum lenaa: to kiss; aankhe.n bichhaa denaa: to wait desperately; samaj: understanding; pesh karnaa: to offer; nazaraanaa: gift; afsaanaa: tale; suhaanii: lovely; palaT ke aanaa: to return;  musaafir: traveler; duaa maangnaa: to pray; ghuruur: pride; suruur: exhilaration; taariif: praise.

Joy and Sadhana share great (and perhaps unexpected) on-screen chemistry in Ek Musafir Ek Hasina (1962)

15 thoughts on “Bahut Shukriya Badi Meherbani Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

  1. karuu.n pesh tum ko nazaraana dil kaa

    A personal favorite since childhood. But I always thought he meant ‘I give you my heart as a gift'(so that a tale of the heart is created.) What would ‘Heart’s gifts’ mean?

  2. Thanks for giving such a lovely song.Hats off to O.P.Nayyar for creating such a magical tune.You are perfectly right thst film had many loopholes. The success of this film was its songs and fresh and charming faces of Sadhana and Joy Mukherjee.It was a musical blockbuster.

    • Yes, don’t Sadhana and Joy look great together? It’s not a pairing that comes to mind at first, but it does work well in this film. Kashmir would probably look better in color, but black and white does have its own appeal 🙂

  3. Happy Thanksgiving and what an appropriate song! It’s nice to see you have found a song that is fitting into the “Thanksgiving” genre of songs today, we need more of them. wonderful blog!

  4. “bahut shukriyaa” !
    You ingeniously manage to reveal or add layers to your selection & writing. Little wonder we keep coming back for more 🙂

    Here’s one that I think my Pa loved – he’d whistle or hum whenever this song played on the radio – I was a mere toddler then.
    It is one of my favorites too & came to mind immediately on reading your reply. Took a while, though, to remember all the words 🙂
    “Ehsaan Mere Dil Pe Tumhara Hai Doston” from Gaban [1966]

    Enjoy 🙂
    bahut shukriyaa baDii maharbaanii ….

  5. I adore Joy and Sadhana. When I first watched Love in Simla, I didnt even know that such a movie existed but totally loved them in it.
    EMEH has such great songs! When O.P Nayyar, Rafi and Asha got together, it had to be a musical blockbuster and even more so if the movie had Shammi Kapoor or Joy Mukherjee in it.
    My favourite line in the song is –
    Kahin dil na mera yeh taareef sun kar
    Tumhara bane aur mujhe bhool jaaye

    Few more Shukriya songs that I know are –

    Tere iss pyaar ka shukriya mere meherbaan – Aag Aur Daag

    O mere bechain dil ko chain tune diya, shukriya shukriya – Aamne Saamne

    Aap ka shukriya aapki meherbaani – Anokhi Pehchaan

    Shukriya aap ki inaayat ka meherban – Chaalbaaz

    Shukriya dil liya shukriya dil liya – Bewafa (I recently came across this one when I was doing a post for Kishore Da and Kaka)

  6. ok, More shukriya songs:
    1.Aap Ka Khat Mila Aap Ka Shukriya -SHARDA

    2. Mere mehboob mere sanam, shukriya meherbani karam- DUPLICATE

    3. Shukriya shukriya, shukriya mere piya, jitne soye khwaab the sabko jaga diya- Hamara Dil aapke paas hai

  7. Woohoo! Joy Mukherjee! I think he is absolutely dreamy and handsome. I watched this film on a flight, and I have to say, bam, fell for him right there. 😀

  8. This one is my most favourite song for such a love snd passion written so beautifully
    Sets me in happy n loving mood instantly. Thts the magic of the song. Thnx

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