Pal Bhar Ke Liye Koi Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

Dev Anand gazes longingly at Hema Malini through the kitsch 1970s windows of her living room in Johnny Mera Naam.

Next we present the lyrics and full English translation to “Pal Bhar Ke Liye Koi,” a timelessly catchy Dev Anand jingle from the 1970 blockbuster Johnny Mera Naam. The film became the highest grossing film of Bollywood in the 1970s, and the soundtrack rose with it to glory bringing hits like this playful Kishore solo, the duet “O Mere Raja,” and Lata’s “O Babul Pyaare.” Johnny Mera Naam is an action-thriller-mystery with a splash of glamour by the gorgeous Hema Malini and a touch of class from Pran. Those were the golden days when the name “Johnny” in Bollywood implied the height of suavity, second perhaps only to the villainous sophistication of “Robert!” While the film’s storyline does not quite match up to the genius and spectacle of his earlier films of a similar genre like Jewel Thief (1967), Johnny Mera Naam delivers good clean fun for the whole family.

“Pal Bhar Ke Liye Koi” is one of the all-time cutest songs picturized on screen. Besides the fact that Hema Malini probably wears a saari better than any actress of yesteryear, I love the set design. Hema Malini has to literally shut every single window and blind in the house to keep Dev Anand from singing to her from outside, and the designer was forced to get really creative! I love the painting that’s actually a hidden window and the the strangle holed wall that Dev Anand uses as handcuff props. It’s adorable how he tries to woo her throughout the song, begging her to just pretend to love him–and then the clever zinger of an ending where he throws it back in her face! It’s also one of the last Dev Anand films where I feel like he is still pulling off acting the hero and flirting with younger women. As much as we love him, we wish he had not acted in too many films past this…but that’s another story.

Hema Malini cleverly disguises a window with a traditional oil painting in the wacky fun house of the Johnny Mera Naam (1970) sets.

Below enjoy our English translation of this ever-popular Kishore Kumar song. Did you know that this song was even featured at the end of a Simpsons episode in 2006 entitled, “Kiss Kiss Bangalore”? You’re killing me, people.

Pal Bhar Ke Liye Koi Lyrics and Translation

Pal bhar ke liye koii hume.N pyaar kar le
Let somebody give me momentary love
JhuTa hii sahii
Even if it is false
Do din ke liye koii iqraar kar le
Somebody say yes for a couple of days
JhuTa hii sahii
Even if it is false
Pal bhar ke liye koii hume.N pyaar kar le
Let somebody give me momentary love
JhuTa hii sahii
Even if it is false

Hum ne bahut tujhko chhup chhupke dekhaa
I have often viewed you secretively
Dil pe khiichii hai tere kaajal kii rekhaa
The darkness of your eyeliner is etched on my heart
Kajal kii rekhaa banii Lakshman kii rekhaa
That line has become a line of control now
Ram mei.N kyuu.N tuu ne Raavan ko dekhaa?
Why did you mistake Ram for Raavan?
KhaDe khiDkii pe jogii, swiikar kar le
At your window stands a Yogi, accept him
JhuTa hii sahii
Even if your acceptance is a lie
Pal bhar ke liye koii hume.N pyaar kar le
Let somebody give me momentary love
JhuTa hii sahii
Even if it is false

Hiire se jaDe tere nain baDe
Your big eyes were embedded with diamonds,
Jis din se laDe tere Dar pe paDe
The day our eyes made contact, I was floored,
Sun sun kar terii “nahii.N nahii.N”
Listening to your constant no’s,
Jaa.N apnii nikal jaaye.N na kahii.N
My life may slip away
Zaraa haa.N keh de, merii jaa.N, keh de
Just say yes, my love, say it
Merii jaa.N keh de, zaraa haa.N keh de
Call me “my love,” just say yes
Jab rain paDe ,nahii.N chain paDe
When night falls I have no peace
Nahii.N chain paDe jab rain paDe
I have no peace when night falls

Maanaa tu saare hasiino.N se hasii.N hai
I agree you are the prettiest of the pretty
Apnii bhii surat burii to nahii.N hai
But my face isn’t too bad either
Kabhii tu bhii humaaraa diidaar kar le
Why don’t you sometimes take a look at me?
JhuTaa hii sahii
Even if you are faking
Pal bhar ke liye koii hume.N pyaar kar le
Let somebody give me momentary love
JhuTa hii sahii
Even if it is false

Pal bhar ke pyaar pe nisaar saare jeevan
For a moment of your love, I would sacrifice my entire life
Hum woh nahii.N jo choD de teraa daaman
I am not someone who would leave your embrace
Apne honto.N kii ha.Nsii hum tujhko de.Nge
I will give you the laughter from my lips
Aa.Nsoo tere apni aa.Nkho.N mei.N le.Nge
And I will take the tears from your eyes
Tuu humaari wafaa kaa ek baar kar le
Believe in me just once
JhuTa hii sahii
Even if I’m just lying!

Pal bhar ke liye koii hume.N pyaar kar le
Let somebody give me momentary love
JhuTa hii sahii
Even if it is false


jhuuTaa: untrue; iqraar: acceptance; chhup chhupke: secretively; kaajal: eyeliner; Lakshman ki rekha: the circle of protection and control drawn by Lakshman for Sita in the Ramayana; Raavan: the villain of the Ramayana into whose hands Sita temporarily fell (until Raam saved the day once more); khiDkii: window; jogii: yogi; swiikar karna: to accept; hiire: diamonds nain: eyes; Dar: doorstep; jaa.N: life; rain: night; chain: peace of mind; maanaa: agree; hasiino.N se hasii.N: the most beautiful of the beautiful; suurat: face; diidaar: glimpse; nisaar: sacrifice; damaan: embrace; ho.Nto.N: lips; ha.Nsii: laughter; aa.Nsuu: tears; wafaa: faith, belief

Note that I’ve translated “JhuuTaa hii sahii” in many slightly different ways throughout the song’s translation, to match the meaning in each stanzas particular context. But he’s basically always just saying if it’s a lie, that works too.

Hema Malini stops lying to herself and joyfully sings along to Dev Anand’s catchy “Pal Bhar Ke Liye” from Johnny Mera Naam (1970).

My favorite line from the song is from the final antra is: “Pal bhar ke pyaar pe nisaar saaraa jeevan.” Nisaar is such a fabulous Urdu vocabulary word that works so poetically right here before the word saaraa. Unfortunately, this stanza is often missing from most recordings that people have of the song (see our post on songs with hidden stanzas for more!) And without this final stanza in which initially Kishore’s voice becomes the most sweet and sincere of the whole film, you miss the whole surprise ending where Dev Anand shows that he can be just as sassy! Such a shame.

This song request came from one of our absolute favorite readers Bhuvesh! Always, if you have a request for a translation or post, be sure to send us a message!

-Mrs. 55

10 thoughts on “Pal Bhar Ke Liye Koi Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

  1. I love this song, everything about it! It is perfect. Hema is great and beautiful, the song is wonderful, Dev Anand is terrific, and it has just the right amount of humor and craziness. Oh, and it was a fantastic movie too!

    • I agree with the “just the right amount of humor and craziness”! After all, every song needs something a little wacky in it to maintain the spectacle–and he does just that! Plus with a leading lady that gorgeous, who doesn’t love watching this song!

  2. I couldn’t agree about the song & its picturisation more ! Very innovative setting & serenading.
    The ‘handcuffed’ pose seems to be Dev Anand’s favorite. He leans similarly, with both hands on the shoulders of his heroines & at times his friends too, in various movies! Very endearing & trusting.
    I so agree with your take on “nissar” ! Beautifully worded And especially sung !

    I have a couple of errors to point out, if I may take the liberty of doing so :

    1. Ram mei.N kyuu.N tuu ne Raavan ko dekhaa?
    Why did you mistake Raavan for Ram?
    It is actually the Exact Opposite. The translation should read “why did you mistake Ram for Raavan” [a literal translation would be :”why did you see Raavan in Ram”]

    2. Dhiire se jaDe tere nain baDe
    If I hear correctly, then it should be “Heere” as in diamonds, not “Dhiire”. Diamonds are embedded in your big eyes.
    It is often said “heere jaisi aankhen” – diamond-like eyes , while complimenting a woman’s beautiful eyes. I think it is to do with the characteristics of purity, sparkle, shine, …

    3. Sun sun kar terii “nahii.N nahii.N”
    Apnii nikal jaaye.N na kahii.N
    Here’s something you can confirm for me. I usually tend to hear a very soft, quick “Jaa.N” at the beginning of the 2nd line. I would appreciate it if you could hear the song again & confirm my suspicion.

    As always, a very good post.
    Looking forward to many more such ….

    • Hahaha, yes, you are correct about all these errors! I had caught the first two, but the third is subtle–thank you for pointing it out! He does indeed say “jaa.N,” which gives meaning to the line, “Jaa.N apnii nikal jaaye na kahii.N!” Otherwise, you’d have to assume the subject is implied and try to go with it! Great comments, and thanks for reading!

      • Phew! I was beginning to wonder whether my brain was overcompensating with the “jaa.N” sound – filling in for my ageing, overworked otic nerves 😉

        And credit must go to Vijay Anand, whose name hasn’t featured even once in this post, for some great, innovative song visualization & direction. He is a true directorial genius.

  3. I just did a small shout out loud when I saw this post! Yaaaaay! The first film that introduced me to Dev. ❤ This was my favorite song… around this time last year! Dev is just awesome. Just. I've seen this movie four times since last year. I just love it so much. Dev said in one of his tweets that Goldie had designed this set. And somebody was saying, "India is really hot + So many windows = Get a damn AC." But it wouldn't be so much fun, right?

    And at one of the concerts I went to (Before Dev's death, this one was about the Golden Era), the guy was talking about Dev and all… and I was shaking the chair! So excited! I got murderous stares, but who cares? IT'S DEV! 😀 So he was saying, "Dev always held himself in high esteem, like the song line, "maana tu saare haseeno se haseen hai, apni bhi surat buri to nahin hai". I giggled at that. And I remember thinking of that bit in class and I burst out laughing when the teacher was talking for no reason. 😛

    • Hahaha, yes, the set is fantastic! Who needs A/C when you have a house like that?! Dev Anand is definitely a class act, and the “apni bhi surat burii to nahii.N hai” may be bordering on cocky, but let’s be real–it’s Dev Anand! 🙂

      • Oh, somebody called me that just ’cause I said I knew more about old Hindi films than HIM! He’s my grand-uncle, and he actually got to see the films in theatres! (-burning with jealousy-) So I beat him at his own act. Hey, if you don’t know even a single song of Rajendra’s, too bad, you’re out! 😀

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