Chingari Koi Bhadke Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

Rajesh Khanna Sharmila Tagore Amar Prem

Aided heavily by hard liquor, Rajesh Khanna slips into philosophical discourse gazing at the beautiful Sharmila Tagore in Amar Prem (1972).

Our next English translation, the beautiful lyrics of “Chingari Koi Bhadke,” comes from the eternal love story Amar Prem (1972). Anand Bakshi outdoes himself with these philosophical, thought-provoking lyrics on the nature of life and the inevitability of Fate. Like other masterpieces songs of the sharaab genre in Bollywood, “Chingari Koi Bhadke” glorifies the opportunity to escape societal boundaries through alcohol.

Sung by Rajesh Khanna favorite, Kishore Kumar, “Chingari Koi Bhadke” has some of the greatest lines written in Bollywood music: “Madiira jo pyaas lagaaye, use kaun bhujaaye?” echoes the lines of the great 1935 Hindi poem by Harivanshrai Bachhan, “Madhushala”:

Kya mai.N madhushala ke andhar? Ya mere andhar madhushala?”

Indeed, the theme of an inner thirst can be found in Indian art from time immemorial–whether from spiritual seekers rejecting worldly materialism, or from thwarted lovers searching for a way out.

Amar Prem tells the story of a man trapped in a loveless marriage (Rajesh Khanna) who falls for the golden-hearted brothel songstress, Sharmila Tagore. Although both realize the world will never accept the purity of their love for one another, they remain faithful to their shared ideal of “amar prem” even as they are forced apart. Rajesh Khanna and Sharmila Tagore eventually grow older, not knowing what became of the other, but in separate ways undergo a spiritual transformation sparked by the love they shared. This immortal song, like others in the film by versatile maestro R.D. Burman (eg. “Kuch To Log Kahenge” and “Yeh Kya Hua”) is both a critique on an unforgiving society and a resignation to the laws of Nature. Intoxication itself, the profundity of these lyrics take several passes to completely envelop you, so go slowly and enjoy the full lyrics and our English translation of “Chingari Koi Bhadke” below!

Rajesh Khanna Amar Prem

Rajesh Khanna plays a good-hearted alcoholic trapped by the fetters of societal propriety in Amar Prem (1972).

Chingari Koi Bhadke Lyrics and Translation:

Chingaari koii bhadke
If someone lights a spark
To saawan use bujhaaye
Then the rains will put it out
Saawan jo agan lagaaye, use kaun bhujaaye?
But if the rains start a fire, who will put it out?

PatajhaD jo baagh mei.n ujaaDe
If a garden is destroyed in the Autumn
Woh baagh bahaar khilaaye
It will bloom again in the Spring
Jo baagh bahaar mei.N ujade, use kaun khilaaye?
But who can revive the garden that is destroyed in Spring?

Hum se mat poochho kaise
Do not ask me how
mandir TooTaa sapno.N kaa
The temple of my dreams shattered
Logo.N kii baat nahii.N hai
This is not a matter for everyone to discuss
Yeh qissa hai.N apno.N kaa
This tale is only for my own circle

Koi dushman thhais lagaaye
If an enemy strikes you a blow
To miit jiyaa bahalaaye
Then your beloved will nurse you
Manmiit jo ghaav lagaaye, use kaun mitaaye?
But who can nurse the wounds your beloved strikes?

Na jaane kya ho jaataa
I do not know what happens
Jaane hum kyaa kar jaate
I do not know what would happen
Peete hai.N to zindaa hai.N
If I drink, then I live
Na peete, to mar jaate
If I do not drink, then I die

Duniyaa jo pyaasaa rakhe
If the world is thirsty
To madiiraa pyaas bujhaaye
Then wine can slake that thirst
Madiiraa jo pyaas lagaaye, use kaun bujhaaye?
But who can slake the thirst caused by wine?

Maanaa toofaan ke aage
I agree that before a storm
Nahii.N chaltaa zor kisii kaa
No one can use force
Maujo.N ka dosh naii.N hai
Yet this is not the fault of the waves
Yeh dosh hai aur kisi kaa
It is the fault of someone else

Majhadaar mei.N naiyaa Doobe
If a boat starts to rock midstream
To maajhi par lagaaye
The boatman can lead it to shore
Maajhi jo naaw Dooboye, use kaun bachaaye?
But if the riverman drowns the boat, who can save it?

Chingaari koii bhadke
If someone lights a spark
To saawan use bujhaaye
Then the rains will put it out
Saawan jo agan lagaaye, use kaun bhujaaye?
But if the rains start a fire, who will put it out?


chingari: spark;  agan: fire; patajhaD: Autumn; baagh: garden; bahaar: Spring; mandir: temple; qissa: story, tale; dushman: enemy; thhais: blow; ghaav: wound; zindaa: alive; pyaasaa: thirsty; madhiira: spirits; toofaan: storm; zor: force, dosh: fault; majhdaar: midstream; Doobnaa: to drown; maajhi: boatman; naaw: small boat

Sharmila Tagore Amar Prem

Oh, Sharmila! Is there any commentary anyone can really give you for your divinely majestic presence in this film??!

No, Sir, they sure don’t make songs like they used to. I love the elegance and seeming simplicity of the picturization for this song. No big ruffles or fireworks–just a beautiful traditional instrumentation for background and a metaphorical boat ride filled with meaningful glances and serious faces. Could a song this classy even exist today?

-Mrs. 55

7 thoughts on “Chingari Koi Bhadke Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

  1. I often recite the lyrics of the other gem of a song in this movie to myself- In fact, I tell it to a lot of people who worry about what others will say- kuch to log kahenge, logon ka kaam hai kehna. The most relevant lines ever- chodo bekaar ki baatoan mein kahin beet na jaye raina. It is quite an eye opener how almost every situation and emotion in this world had been expressed in the form of sublime lyrics in our movies.
    Majhdhaar mein naiya doobe to maajhi paar lagaye,maajhi jo naav duboye usse kaun bacchaye——Aren’t we all guilty of being responsible for the troubles in our own lives!
    Excellent post. I notice that you focus on Rajesh Khanna a lot.

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  3. These songs are gems no doubt….. but your efforts at making us fully comprehend and appreciate them add hugely to their shine and sparkle ……

    Big fan of these gems…. and even more so of you’ll for keeping them glittering always….

  4. Your efforts are highly appreciable but one thing, you must mention the name of the lyricist.
    Thank you
    Ravindra nath

  5. been following ur site for many years. especially for guru dutt material. the song translations are amazing and we are truly lucky for your contributions!

    cheers from detroit michigan

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