Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

The next song in our series will be the lyrics and English translation of the sentimental “Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye” from the film Anand (1971). Starring power duo Amitabh Bachhan and Rajesh Khanna, Anand tells the story of how one hardened doctor’s outlook is changed by the optimism and infectious laughter of his terminally ill patient, Anand. Dr. Banerjee faces an enormous dilemma when Anand becomes not merely another patient, but a true and close friend. Through Anand, he is inspired once more to fight desperately for the lives of his patients and must come to terms with when at last to let to go of circumstances beyond his control. The film explores the complex medical ethics of urging and struggling for life instead of palliative care when death is inevitable, as well as the difficulties in transcending the professional comforts of a normal doctor-patient relationship. While bubbly, laugh-a-minute Anand is at times over the top, his character remains always endearing.

Rajesh Khanna plays a vivacious cancer patient in Anand (1971)

“Kahin Door Jab Din” comes as one of the rare moments in the film when Anand displays a softer, introspective side to his character. The translation and lyrics of the song is deeply moving–a dying man watches the sunset, reflecting with a kind of loving wistfulness on his unfulfilled dreams. The beauty of these lyrics in the context of the film evokes a sense of what Japanese art has called mono na aware–a sensitivity to ephemera, a gentle sadness for the transience of things even as they occur (in this case, his own life). It should be noted, that although I have translated some lines as referring to a woman–I think this song can be read in many different ways. The lyrics may speak to the woman Anand once loved who is no longer with him, but the womanly embodiment of his longing may be also symbolic of all unknown experiences of life that Anand will miss, for like the setting sun, his life is slowly ebbing away. To me, “Kahin Door Jab Din” is beautiful, restrained, and one of the finest examples of Rajesh Khanna’s ability to move an audience without the crutches of his famous winking and dancing.

P.S. Some of you may be interested to discover the original Bengali version of this song sung by Hemant Kumar here!

Kahin Door Jab Din Lyrics and Translation:

kahii.N duur jab din Dhal jaaye
Somewhere far away when the day dulls
saa.Njh kii dulhan badan churaaye chhupke se aaye
The dusk sneaks up, shyly like a bride
mere khayaalo.N ke aa.Ngan mei.N
In the courtyard of my imagination
koii sapno.N ke diip jalaaye, diip jalaaye
Someone lights up the lamp of my dreams

kabhii yuu.N hii, jab huii, bojhal saa.Nse.N
Sometimes when my breathing becomes burdensome for no reason
bhar aayii baiThe baiThe, jab yuu.N hii aa.Nkhe.N
When my eyes well up just sitting around
tabhii machal ke, pyaar se chal ke
Then with a loving flutter
chhue koii mujhe par nazar na aaye, nazar na aaye
Someone touches me, but I cannot see her

kahii.N to yeh, dil kabhii, mil nahii.N paate
Somewhere these hearts are unable to come together
kahii.N se nikal aaye, janamo.N ke naate
But somewhere a connection emerges that transcends many lifetimes
ghanii thii uljhan, bairii apnaa man
The problem was deep and my own heart turned against me
apnaa hii hoke sahe dard paraaye, dard paraaye
By belonging to me, yet bearing the pain of another

dil jaane, mere saare, bhed yeh gahare
My heart knows all my deep secrets
ho gaye kaise mere, sapane sunahare
How my dreams became golden
yeh mere sapne, yahii.N to hai.N apne
These are my dreams, these alone belong to me
mujh se judaa na ho.Nge inke yeh saaye, inke yeh saaye
Even their shadows cannot be separated from me

kahii.N duur jab din Dhal jaaye
Somewhere far away when the day dulls
saa.Njh kii dulhan badan churaaye chhupke se aaye
The dusk sneaks up, shyly like a bride


saanjh: evening; aangan: courtyard; bhojal: burdensome; machal: flutter; janamo.n ke naate: connection of many lifetimes; uljhan: problem; paraaye: another person (stranger); bhed: secret; sunahare: golden; saaye: shadow

-Mrs. 55

23 thoughts on “Kahin Door Jab Din Dhal Jaaye Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

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  4. Mind blowing song!!
    Owe big big thanks to
    1. Lyricist Yogesh Gaur for this eyes wetting poem.
    2. Mukesh who sang with out of this world voice.
    3. Of course Kakajji for his act.

  5. Beautiful!!! I could never put it in words what this song does to me. You’ve described it so well that I was nodding my head in agreement reading each and every word here. And the translation is just superb! I landed up here when i was searching for Jis gali mein tera ghar’s lyrics last week. I didnt have enough time to leave a comment but had bookmarked the site. And today I was searching for this song while doing a post for my blog and I stumbled upon your post again. And thank you for writing about this song and for translating it, keeping the emotions and essence so beautifully intact. Great job, guys!

    • Thank you for the compliments! It’s one of Rajesh Khanna’s most poignant songs–and one that especially touches the heart in light of his recent passing. We are glad you enjoyed the post and our rough translation!

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  7. Beautiful song. Very poignant and memorable. Where has all the magic gone to? By the way, the line after “Dil Jaane Mere Sare Bhed Ye Ghare” is “Kho Gaye Kaise Mere Sapne Sunahere”. So the translation would be How I have lost my golden dreams.

    • We often ask ourselves where all the magic has gone! We actually deliberately translated the song as “Ho gaye kaise” not “Kho gaye kaise” after repeated listening to the stanza and determining he was really saying “h” not “kh”! Additionally, I think poetically, “ho gaye kaise” makes more sense in context for he is not talking about having lost his dreams, but rather having guarded them and treasured them. But it’s definitely open to interpretation!

      • Thanks for the lovely translation and the nice blog. I do think this sentence wd be KHO GAYE KAISE…for
        1. while RK’s character is very upbeat and positive and cherubic, this is one of the few times he is introspective
        2. He is lamenting throughout the song. So logically, in the flow of things i think it wd be KHO…wondering where did it go….
        3. I also feel, he is dying a young death. Where is the chance that it becomes a golden dream…objective and goal
        4.. While very subtle in its expression, it is primarily a sad sad song

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  9. Beautiful song, beautiful music and beautiful acting – and you have done an amazing job of translating this magical gem, without loosing its essence! Thank you!

  10. Thank you so much for this translation……This song reminds me “a thing of beauty is a joy forever”.. No words to explain the feeling it brings to my mind!! Lyrics, music, voice, acting..everything superb! An eternal classic..

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