Na Tum Humen Jano Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

Na Tum Humen Jano Dev Anand

With glistening suavity dripping from his pomade, Dev Anand croons the love ballad “Na Tum Humen Jano” to a sleeping Waheeda Rehman in Baat Ek Raat Ki (1962).

Today we showcase the lyrics and English translation of the haunting melody “Na Tum Humen Jano” from Baat Ek Raat Ki (1962). Dapper Dev Anand plays a young lawyer whose enigmatic client, Waheeda Rehman, has been convicted of murdering her ex-lover in a fit of rage. Deemed clinically depressed and mentally unhinged, Waheeda’s only chance at redemption, in classic Bollywood tradition, is the stable love of a good man. Dev Anand rises quickly to the occasion, “pretending” to woo her for..ahem…medical reasons–and more importantly to extract the true events leading up to the murder for which she is convicted. I think it comes as no surprise that she ultimately proves innocent and Dev Anand actually falls in love with her while faking it. But that’s not what makes this film’s twist ending so fantastic–and trust me, it’s not what you’d expect!

Waheeda Rehman Na Tum Humen Jano

Waheeda Rehman is awakened by the sound of a haunting melody in Baat Ek Raat Ki (1962). Did anyone mention that black is totally your color, Waheeda?

So how does this gem of a Hemant Kumar solo fit into the bizarre whoddunit? I’ve always found Hemant Kumar an intriguing rogue in the strict actor-singer pairings of classic films–the mysterious dark chocolate mousse of Bollywood playback. His tender yet overwhelmingly manly voice stood out among the Rafi wannabes of the age–the celestial way his voice resonates in the opening lines is a rich treat for the soul. Famed music director Salil Chowdhury said of the singer’s voice,

“If God could sing, he would have a voice like Hemanta.”

Have truer words ever been spoken? No better testament exists than the love song “Na Tum Humen Jano.” In Baat Ek Raat Ki, “Na Tum Humen Jano” plays on a gramophone record in the moments leading up to the murder. Waheeda Rehman is so traumatized afterwards, she cannot recall details of the event or her exact involvement. Naturally, Dev Anand believes that singing the song while she sleeps will subconsciously trigger her memory, thereby providing him the missing evidence of what  transpired that fatal night. He croons to her hidden in the background, observing her reaction as the melody wafts through the air. What follows is one of the most nostalgic songs of yesteryear.

We hope you love the lyrics and English translation to “Na Tum Humen Jano” as much as us! Follow along with the video and try to keep your beating heart in check as you get swept away in the romance!

Na Tum Humen Jano Lyrics and Translation:

Na tum hame.N jaano, na hum tumhe.N jaane
You do not know me, I do not know you
Magar lagtaa hai kuch aisaa meraa humdum mil gayaaa
Yet somehow I feel as if I have found my soul mate

Yeh mausam yeh raat chhup hai
These surroundings and this night are quiet
Woh honTo.N kii baat chhup hai
Those words on our lips are quiet
Khamoshii sunaanii lagii hai dastaa.N
The silence has begun to tell a story
Nazar ban gayii hai dil kii zubaa.N
Our glances have become the language of our hearts

Mohabbat ke moD pe hum
At the crossing of love
Mile sab ko chhoDke hum
We met and left everything behind
DhaDakhte dilo.N ka leke yeh caravaa.N
We took our beating hearts with us on this caravan
Chale aaj dono.N jaane kahaa.N
Let us go together today, I know not where

Na tum hame.N jaano, na hum tumhe.N jaane.N
You do not know me, I do not know you
Magar lagtaa hai kuch aisaa meraa humdum mil gayaaa
Yet somehow I feel as if I have found my soul mate


humdum: soulmate; mausam: atmosphere, surroundings; raat: night: chhup: quiet; honT: lips; baat: words; khamoshii: silence; sunaanaa: to tell; daastaa.N: tale, story; nazar: glance; zubaa.N: language; mohabbat: love; moD: crossing, turn; sab: everything; dhaDakhnaa: to beat [heart]; aaj: today

Waheeda Rehman Baat ek raat ki na tum humen jano

Prior to murder charges, the lovely Waheeda Rehman sings merrily along to a record of “Na Tum Humen Jano” in Baat Ek Raat Ki (1962).

Now before anyone comments on how angelic Lata’s solo moment is halfway through the song, don’t be fooled! That voice of a goddess is none other than rival soprano Suman Kalyanpur! Her highest high note in the cameo moment is an E5, which doesn’t even come close to Asha and Lata’s famous trills. Composed by S.D. Burman, the song is fully picturized as a happy female solo earlier in the film here! Was Suman Kalyanpur’s solo able to compete with the magic of the famous Hemant counterpart? I think it was certainly a valiant effort, but…let’s not lie to ourselves.

Our English translation of “Na Tum Humen Jano” was requested by diehard fangirl Reena! Stay classy, Reena.

– Mrs. 55

18 thoughts on “Na Tum Humen Jano Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

  1. For reasons I know not, I woke up on Sunday with this song in my head. So at some point during the day I dug out the Hemant Kumar CD and listened to it. Today I listened to it in the car. And late in the evening, I thought, I wonder if there is a translation? (Though this song is fairly easy, translation-wise). But I am glad I tried, because I wouldn’t have stumbled on to your website otherwise. Thanks for the translation. And how incredibly insanely cool is this blog and the two of you?! The best of luck in everything!

  2. there is no doubt that waheeda has looked more beautiful in black and white than in color—–think chaudhvin ka chand, and of course, baat ek raat ki………………………..even today, att he ripe old age of 70+, she can still walk the ramp…………………..

  3. rafi and kishore were always the preferred playback for dev…………….
    but when hemant kumar sang this one, it took on a new dimension……………….
    .hai apna dil being another gem…………………..
    .but, the biggest disappointment of all is that though rafisaab sang many songs for dev anand, he never won a single filmfare-notably under the baton of
    s d burmanda…………………………….
    .the closest? GUIDE one can argue that rafi sang the best songs for him in this movie

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  5. Did anyone mention that black is totally your color, Waheeda?… I fully agree..

    Thanks for the translation. But honestly, more than the translations, your views and expert comments on the happenings in songs are the icings on the cake….I drool over them…
    You guys are incredible….

  6. I stumbled across this beautiful song on YouTube the other day and really wanted to find a translation. Thanks very much for providing one. Incidentally, although I like both versions of the song, I think I prefer Hemant Kumar’s rendition of it.

  7. This song suddenly came to my memory abruptly. The cinematography in black and white amidst the spacious, palatial villa where a mysterious woman is woken by the gentle voice singing the song from her yesterdays, is almost like an oil on canvas come alive. The camera dexterously captures to the lilting and haunting song in a dance of shadow and light. The scenes brought alive the chiarascuro power of the master Leonardo onto the moving screen.Novice listeners will be tricked and would believe the female voice is that of Lata, but it is the enchantic voice of Suman Kalyanpur. This single song would suffice to plunge the heart into a reverie longing for the sweet memories gone by.. A rush of happiness with a shade of sorrow takes the listener onto an intoxicating path.

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