R.I.P Rajesh Khanna: The Death of a Bollywood Superstar

Rajesh Khanna passed away today at the age of 69 after an extended period of illness that began in April. For all fans of old Bollywood films, this news is incredibly saddening. Although many stalwarts came before him, Rajesh Khanna was the first actor to achieve the status of a superstar in Hindi cinema. At the peak of his career, he delivered 15 consecutive hits as a solo lead actor, a feat that no other actor in the industry has matched to this day.

As a tribute to this Bollywood legend, let us take a closer look at those 15 films that Rajesh Khanna starred in at the pinnacle of his career (1969-1971) with the gallery of images below.

With his inimitable charm, unique mannerisms, and dashing good looks, Rajesh Khanna will always be remembered as one of Bollywood’s most beloved heroes. What is your favorite Rajesh Khanna film? Share with us in the comments! My vote goes to Aradhana (1969) — it’s one of the first films I watched that turned me into a fan of old Hindi cinema.

-Mr. 55

5 thoughts on “R.I.P Rajesh Khanna: The Death of a Bollywood Superstar

  1. Tragic. And he was still young !

    “Anand” is a film that I love yet cannot watch ! It is ironical that a film about life – that teaches you a happy perspective on life, shows you how to live life, ‘Badi, not lambi’ – is so bitter-sweet to watch. One keeps smiling at the hero, with the hero; but the sadness is lurking around in the tear(s) welling up in a hazy gaze. To me, it is Rajesh’s best performance [with full credit to Hrishikesh Mukherjee – only He could direct such a masterpiece] & these Kaifi Azmi lines from “Hanstey Zakhm” are most apt : “dil ki nazuk ragein tooti hain …”
    Even now, when the TV channels kept playing the last scene umpteen times, one couldn’t help but choke.

    “Daag” is another, tho’ less talked about role that he performed to perfection; understated but very mature. It was a role with many layers, many shades, many personae. He convincingly held his own beside 2 truly good & strong heroines Rakhi & Sharmila Tagore.

    “Amar Prem” : I am Always Wowed by his personality in this movie. I think he has never looked so good as in that starched white kurta, dhoti, with a gold border ! Pimples and all, he still looks suave, all-Indian, Handsome. And who can forget “I hate tears” ?!

    The first Iconic Superstar, “The Phenomenon” has been immortalised through his films.

    • You’ve mentioned some of Rajesh Khanna’s best films! His work in the industry is a testament to his talent and universal charm, and I am confident that he will be remembered for years to come.

  2. My favorite is Kathi Patang! It’s a gem in old Hindi cinema.
    I know that Rajesh Khanna was involved in advertizing recently. Do you think these commercials will still be aired now?
    Also, do you think Bollywood will produce a tribute to Rajesh Khanna in some form?

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