Naina Barse Rimjhim Rimjhim Lyrics and Translation: Let’s Learn Urdu-Hindi

Happy Halloween to our readers! What better way to celebrate with a classic ghost song featuring Lata Mangeshkar’s spooky vocals, Sadhana’s haunting beauty, and Madan Mohan’s soul-stirring composition? In the spirit of Halloween, we are sharing the lyrics and English translation to nainaa barse rimjhim rimjhim from Raj Khosla’s suspense thriller Woh Kaun Thi? (1964). In a previous… Continue reading →


Spooky Songs of Classic Bollywood: The 15 Most Haunting Melodies of Yesteryear

Happy Halloween! What better way to give yourself the creeps than with a vintage Hindi film song! Mr. 55 and I once hosted a Spooky Song-themed study break on-campus during which we projected old Hindi film noirs on a large screen, drank rooh afza and jammed nerdily to Lata’s high notes. Was it any surprise… Continue reading →

150 Urdu-Hindi Terms of Endearment To Call Your Lover This Valentine’s Day

Pakeezah Thade Rahiyo 1972 Meena Kumari

Happy Valentine’s Day to our dear readers! We hope you a very romantic day with your loved one. The Indian subcontinent has an amazing variety of terms of endearment for the word ‘lover’. The origins of these terms arise from a wide diversity of languages within the South Asian diaspora, including Urdu, Hindi, Sanskrit, Punjabi, Farsi,… Continue reading →

Film Highlights

50 Film Shots That Will Make You Believe in the Magic of Classic Bollywood The Tragedy and Triumphs of Do Bigha Zameen Perpetuating Gender Norms in Abhiman Losing Yourself in Jewel Thief Making the Cut in Pakeezah The Strange World of Gumnaam: Agatha Christie Meets Bollywood Guru Dutt and the Struggle to Break Free of… Continue reading →

The Strange World of Gumnaam: Agatha Christie meets Bollywood

There’s been some buzz lately about the Italian Heineken “The Date” commercial featuring the music from Mohammed Rafi’s “Jaan Pehchaan Ho.” The commercial is fairly trippy, and sadly cuts out all of the actual singing, leaving only the musical introduction, interludes, and awkwardly enough, strange high-pitched male laughter. I’ve got two comments to make about… Continue reading →